The world’s first Type A (Magnetic Resonance System) and most practical wireless charging system for industrial applications.

  • 100% Charging Rate Success
  • Maximum 86% System Efficiency
  • A clear path to ROI
  • Unparalleled Charging Speed
  • Realizing 24-hour Operation

*as of October 2017

The Revolution inCharging Systems

  • Japanese technology realizing 100% charging rate success

  • Magnetic resonance system allowing long-distance power transfer*

*Daihen is an official WiTricity licensee

Through the combination between the electric energy specialists DAIHEN and the patented coil technology of Electricity, D-Broad allows for an charging area that is unchallenged in its width. It allows for wireless charging with a maximum gap of 40mm for power receiving & transmission, while the AGV can be stopped with a gap up to 10mm. D-Broad has a charging success rate of 100% (a charging failure = stoppage of the AGV). Until now, a charging failure complaint has not been registered from any of our customers.